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Friday, April 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Gold Prices Hammered Below Key $1500 Psychological Level-- What's Happening?

Gold took a serious hit today, with prices falling well below the key, psychological level of $1500, a drop that many are calling a "game changer", at least from a technical perspective. Throughout the day, the currently volatile market took prices back above $1500 for a brief period, before dropping again. Daniela Cambone caught up with Bill Baruch, Senior Market Strategist at iiTrader, to discuss today's price movements and the generally volatile state of the gold market. Kitco News, April 12, 2013. Here's a breakdown of our coverage of gold's wild ride throughout the day: BREAKING: Comex Gold Futures Fall Below $1,500/Oz On Heavy Stop-Loss Selling, Long Liquidation

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