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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Financial Astrologer Mahendra Sharma Gold, Silver and Palladium Predictions

Kitco News speaks to financial astrologer Mahendra Sharma about his gold, silver and palladium predictions for the coming months. "If someone is looking for a long-term bet for gold, I think they should wait," he says. "There will be a time between now and July that gold may drop drastically." Despite these predictions, Sharma does have good news for metals traders. "I can call 100% bottom for gold in July 2014." He advises people to hold cash until an opportunity arises, as gold prices could see a drastic 15% fall. Sharma says to get ready to buy metals by the end of March or June 2014. With regards to other metals, Sharma says that palladium is his favorite metal for 2013 and he predicts a bull market for the coming year. "I am predicting here on Kitco that the time is coming for palladium and platinum prices to reach near par," he adds. Tune in now to our Halloween special with Mahendra Sharma as we look to the stars for answers. Kitco News, October 31, 2013.

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