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Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Make Money In Mining - Nolan Watson of Sandstorm Gold Interview

Nolan Watson: Well at Sandstorm Gold we are what you would call a streaming and/or royalty company. So we have right now nine gold streams from mines around the world. The majority of those gold streams are in production. What a stream effectively is, is we'll give a mining company money on day one so they can go build their mine. What we get back in return is a contract that allows us to buy a certain percentage of their production at a fixed price per ounce and we go on and sell it at spot. So the contract might say something like: 'We get to buy fifteen percent of their production at 500 dollars an ounce and every time they give us an ounce we buy it at five hundred and sell it the same day for spot price'. And so we have this stream of cash flow coming back because we're buying and selling the gold from various mines around the world. And that's why we call ourselves a streaming company. But we also, we just actually closed the acquisition of a royalty company as well, so we now have 25, I believe, royalties around the world, and those royalties a number of them are paying cash flow as well. So it's a good place to be to have positive cash flow in this environment.

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