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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mike Maloney ~ Can U.S. Dollar Standard Remain Global Reserve Currency?

Better late than never! The newly re-christened Belated Labor Statistics released jobs data today. Yes, BLS numbers for September are now out! It was a mixed bag...which of course gives Bernanke the greenlight to print-with-impunity until his term ends in January. Mike Maloney, creator of the Hidden Secrets of Money video series , joins us to talk monetary shop. You won't want to miss his prediction for an inevitable Dollar crisis.

And, can a hedge fund buy a city? Management at Magnetar Capital snapped up a sizable portion of a Dayton, Ohio suburb. But is it really shorting the town's tax base, as reported by Bloomberg?

Finally, today's Big Deal is the IPO of pro-bowler, Arian Foster. But don't spike the football until we deliver the fine print on this one.

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