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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bob Moriarty: Solving Our National Problems Starts With Sound Money

At the Casey Research Summit last month, Chris had the opportunity to sit down with longtime precious metals investor and proprietor of, Bob Moriarty.

Right before their conversation, Bob had picked up a local Arizona newspaper and read an AP article titled "US Reliability Questioned Overseas" (the government shutdown was in full swing at this time). It discussed, among other concerns voiced by foreigners, whether continuing to rely on the US dollar as the world's reserve currency is prudent given America's political dysfunction and its debt levels.

Bob took this as one of a growing number of important data points that suggest the world public is beginning to wake up to the fact that the status quo may not be sustainable, or wise. By no means is this awareness mainstream, but it's notably more prevalent than it was 5+ years ago (to the point where it can be discussed openly in a small US metro newspaper). Bob feels, now more than ever, that sites like his, and their 'alternative media' peer set can play a critical role in helping the world get to the "tipping point" of awareness that the system is not just broken, but needs a full reset - and to agitate constructively for it. In his eyes, returning to a sound, fixed currency system is an important place to start.

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