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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rick Rule: There's a Lot To Like In This Market - MMIC13 San Francisco

Kitco News speaks with Sprott's Rick Rule about the current state of the industry and to get his thoughts on gold. "There is a lot in this market to like because the companies are 3 or 4 years better than they were and they're selling at 25% of the prices that they were selling for before," Rule says. "We're attracted to very large, high-grade deposits in political risky jurisdictions. We would rather have political risk than technical risks," he adds. Rule also says that 70% of the companies in the industry are valueless and investors should concentrate their efforts on the top 20% of issuers in this market or they will get "slaughtered."With regards to the yellow metal, Rule says he would much rather own gold than not. Tune in now to hear where Rule would put his money in 2014. Kitco News, November 27, 2013.

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