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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OUTLOOK 2014: US To Be World Economy's Engine, Gold in Triple Digits? - EDC Comments - Kitco News

Kitco News brings back EDC's Chief Economist Peter Hall to get his outlook on the global economy as well as gold and other commodities. Last time Hall was on Kitco News, he said gold below $1,000 was a possibility. "We really haven't seen fit to change our outlook [on gold] at all," Hall says. "Our stance was confirmed by the reaction of the global markets to the mention of tapering by the Federal Reserve Board." With regards to a global economic recovery, Hall is optimistic about the U.S. economy. In fact, the Export Development Canada economist says that as the U.S. economy continues to gain momentum, he expects it to add momentum to the European, Japanese and eventually the emerging market economies. What economic indicator is he closely watching next year? "We're keeping a very close eye on the housing market in the US, that's been our favorite leading indicator." Tune in now to hear more of his comments on gold, copper and the global economy. Kitco News, December 17, 2013.

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