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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Are Dimon & JPMorgan Throwing Blythe Masters Under the Bus? | SilverDoctors

The Doc & Eric Dubin are back for the Metals & Markets to discuss:
*Gold & silver capped by the cartel at $1300 & $22- is a big move on the horizon?
*The Dollar's death by a thousand cuts suffers numerous flesh wounds as Russia prepares major oil deal with China
*The Doc updates listeners with the state of the physical gold & silver market in the US via the eyes of SDBullion- Silver Eagles live in stock with all the Authorized Mint purchasers for the first time in 2014!
*Blythe Masters reportedly under investigation by Federal Prosecutors in Manhattan- will Blythe Masters be the first top level banker convicted in the aftermath of the financial crisis?

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