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Saturday, May 10, 2014

FABIAN CALVO & JIM ROGERS -- GoldSeek Radio - May 9, 2014

GoldSeek Radio - May 9, 2014 [FABIAN CALVO & JIM ROGERS]

Professional real estate manager Fabian Calvo says that the Nevada Cattle rancher showdown against Federal authorities (the Cliven Bundy story), has far reaching implications for all Americans. He's convinced that our officials are collateralizing our land (most of the west is owned by the Feds) in lieu of the 17 trillion dollar national debt. Students of history recall how the strategy backfired in France and the Weimar Republic, e.g. currency collapse, social unrest, war, hyperinflation and soaring precious metals prices. Jim Rogers outlines his plans to increase his precious metals stockpile in the next year or two, as signs of capitulation appear. He says that no nation as deeply indebted as the US has ever successfully extricated itself from the inevitable currency crisis that followed and the related repercussions. Jim recommends contingency plans in preparation for imminent currency controls and bank account bail-ins, to reduce exposure to savings confiscation.

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