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Thursday, June 26, 2014

David McAlvany: Gold Will Safely Transition You To Next Financial System

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had investor and money manager David McAlvany back on for another interview. David does the popular weekly McAlvany Weekly Commentary that is a great listen. During this 40+ minute interview, Jason starts the interview by asking David about the ECB setting negative interest rates on bank deposits and if this is the Keynesian end game?David says the ECB and Fed still have more ammunition to do more schemes. Jason also asks David if he agrees with Martin Armstrong's views that negative interest rates are coming to the US. David thinks that's a possibility because of the way Keynesians think. Next, Jason asks David about Belgium's surprise US Treasury purchases and if they are buying enormous amounts of Treasuries if that's really a taper at all? David talks about all the games the US fed and US Treasury play buying Treasuries in the Caribbean, Belgium, other places and he thinks there will be more coordinated bailouts and chicanery to come. Jason adds to David's point by mentioning how a local money manager friend of his in the DC Metro Area went to a local IMF conference in DC last week and all that was talked about at the conference by the many global central bankers and technocrats visiting was that the current system is dying and how they want a transition to the SDR for global reserves and will do unlimited currency swaps as backdoor bailouts to achieve the transition.Next, David talks about how no matter what the next financial and monetary system is put in place and no matter how soon or delayed it takes, physical gold and physical silver is one of the safest ways to protect your assets from this volatile and financially dangerous transition. Jason and David talk a lot about physical gold, physical gold demand, the gold miners, oil and asset allocation strategies for people. David also weighs in on the inflation vs deflation debate and he suggests that it's dangerous to go "all in" in a bet for hyperinflation or pure deflation. This is a fantastic interview that goes in depth on asset allocation strategies from a well learned, successful and hard working money manager who travels all over the globe seeking the truth about the world and not the BS that the mainstream media spews.

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