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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Are Silver Miners Set For Liftoff? | Andrew Chanin

During this 25+ minute interview, they talk about the ETF Andrew created, Andrew's background and how he worked in the financial services industry as a market maker prior to creating his ETF, why he likes silver and the supply/demand fundamentals for silver.

Jason and Andrew talk about the mining industry and the problems gold and silver miners have had to deal with since a cyclical bear market started in 2011 but how the cyclical bear market is probably over.

Andrew thinks silver and silver miners will drastically outperform gold and gold miners as the long term secular bull market in precious metals and precious metal mining stocks resumes.

Andrew's ETF is one of the top performing ETFs in the entrie ETF universe for 2014 and if you look at the chart of the ETF since the inception in 2013 it looks like a perfect, textbook bullish inverse head and shoulders pattern has formed.

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