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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Andy Hoffman: There's Inflation, Lies, Manipulation & Propaganda Everywhere!

ason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed former top Wall St analyst, former mining IR director and current Director of Research at precious metal dealer Miles Franklin, "Ranting" Andy Hoffman. Andy's articles and weekly podcast can be found here: During this 40+ minute interview, Jason and Andy discuss the gold and silver markets at length. Andy also talks about his background as a Wall Street analyst covering oil and gas companies and why he left Wall Street. Jason and Andy discuss the morality of people on Wall St and how many are rent seekers and blind Keynesian ideologues who do one thing and say another. Jason and Andy discuss the supply/demand fundamentals for gold and silver at length, problems gold and silver miners are experiencing and why these current paper metals prices are not sustainable in the long term given current demand fundamentals for physical metal. Jason and Andy wrap up the interview talking about the inflation vs deflation debate, why a 2008 situation will not be allowed to continue indefinitely without even further intervention. Jason and Andy are pretty much in agreement that the real economies for every country on planet Earth are in one degree or another of worsening stagflation with rapidly increasing food, energy, rent, utility, and healthcare prices along with asset price inflation thanks to currency swaps, the Wealth Effect and global QE. Andy talks about the importance of continuing to accumulate physical precious metals for insurance, savings and wealth preservation.

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