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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bill Fleckenstein: Central Bank Asset Inflation Scaring Away Shorts

During the interview, Jason asks Bill about the European Central Bank doing its own version of quantitative easing (QE) and if it was to done because of lobbying and political pressure by European exporters to weaken a strong Euro.

Bill talks about currency wars and how he suspects US exporters to start complaining soon if the US Dollar strengthens too much.

Next, Jason and Bill talk about inflation, deflation, asset price inflation, correlation in asset markets and where there's value in the markets.

Bill is not bullish on much of anything on the long side except for gold and silver miners. He sees tremendous value there in many companies but says it will require more patience than most people can probably handle.

Jason and Bill then discuss short selling with Jason asking Bill what does he look for in companies or sectors to short. Bill successfully shorted the technology bubble and made enormous gains.

Bill says to never short stocks on only valuation.

Finally to wrap up the interview, Jason asks Bill about his investments in Mongolia and if he thinks it's still a safe place to invest with politicians recently increasing taxes. Bill thinks politicians have changed their mind and are now back to reducing taxes on foreign direct investment in Mongolia

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