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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chris Powell: Gold to Be Revaluated Upwards Substantially Overnight

GATA's Chris Powell joins us this week for a power packed show discussing:

Powell's view on the endgame- Central banks will revaluate gold upwards substantially overnight, after which the gold suppression will start again from a much higher level
Massive Chinese gold accumulation: China doesn't want a free market, they want control of the gold market!
If Gold & Silver Markets Are Not Rigged, They Are the Only Markets Not Rigged- Free markets are restraints on Central bank power!
Physical vs. certificate bullion- Chris asserts that if you're taking certificates at a bullion bank, you might as well flush your money down the toilet!
Physical PM investors are fighting every central bank in the world- they won't relinquish their power easily until the last ounce of metal is drained from the markets.
Is the collapse of the fiat system imminent, or will the struggle against Central banks go on for decades?

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