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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Global Deflation Concerns May Hold Fed’s Trigger On Rates

Peter Hug went to great lengths to avoid talking about the Federal Reserve by running off to Hong Kong, but Kitco News found him! Hug comments on the much anticipated policy meeting this week and shares his thoughts on the Fed’s next moves. Hug says that the durable goods numbers as well as the consumer confidence reading that came out this morning has really put traders in a ‘quandary’ of trying to figure out whether or not the Fed will start raising interest rates. “I’m really going to be interested to see if the Fed says anything about the global economic picture as opposed to just keeping the statement relative to the US economy recovery.” He adds that the Fed should really begin to look at the ‘bigger picture.’ “They have to be careful on a global basis,” he says. “If they start raising rates prematurely and, Europe and Japan continue in their quagmire of deflation, you’re going to have a super strong dollar, which may not be in the interest of the United States.” Tune in now to find out his thoughts on the European economy and if Hug has faith in ECB President Mario Draghi to pull the region out of its deflationary worries. Kitco News, October 28, 2014.

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