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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Silver Miner Fights Back, Takes on the Bankster Cartel! | Silver Doctors Metals & Markets

In this week's Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin break down the week's action discussing:

1. First Majestic Silver takes on the cartel- holds back 35% of Q3 silver production- CEO Keith Neumeyer issues call for silver miners to form their own cartel to put an end once and for all to paper manipulation
2. Russian/ US Geopolitical crisis escalates- Putin warns of MAJOR CONFLICT with US, loss of reserve currency status for dollar
3. Swiss Gold Referendum- could a YES vote shatter the cartel's grip on gold?
4. Silver market tightens- premiums are on the rise as Royal Canadian Mint begins allocating silver maples, major private mints running production delays on PHYSICAL metal
5. Gold predictably capped at $1250- whats next for gold & silver?

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