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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chris Powell of GATA: Gold Manipulation Historical Fact Not Conspiracy Theory

Chris co-founded GATA with Bill Murphy in 1998 and has uncovered thousands of documents proving gold and silver are manipulated since he started GATA. During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Chris about the London Gold Pool and how gold market manipulation started a long time ago. Chris says even a gold standard suppresses the price of gold and he prefers a free market gold price where governments don't control the gold price even on a gold standard. Jason then asks Chris why governments and Wall Street hate gold. Chris thinks gold tells the truth by going higher in price. Chris also says the mainstream media refuses to do honest, investigative journalism on the gold and silver market being manipulated. Jason then asks Chris why gold and silver miners will not come out publicly and talk about the manipulation. Chris gives some interesting answers why. To wrap up the interview, Chris and Jason discuss Alan Greenspan, how gold and silver are manipulated and how the US government and banks make so much profits off the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency and the Petrodollar.

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