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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Collapse of the Concept of Fiat Currency | John Rubino

Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets Interviews John Rubino from

Chaos creates opportunities.
The crack up boom, or critical mass, is accelerating, the veil is being lifted.
What will future historians have to say about us?
Are governments inherently lazy and parasitic?
The final nail in the dollar’s coffin in 1971, and its implications on present day society.
The reserve status combined with petro-dollar power has built the largest military and entitlement society in the history of the world.
Left vs right on spending cuts, used as intentional quagmire.
The concentration of wealth and power vs the free market capitalists.
The political process is broken, collapse is inevitable.
We have a chance, we must understand and spread the principles for which this country was founded.
Derivatives - net numbers vs the real numbers. Why a failure to deliver turns a net exposure into a gross. Half of all interest rate market derivatives are at risk, learn why.

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