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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chris Martenson: The Status Quo is 100% Unsustainable

Chris is a former Fortune 100 executive who quit his high paying corporate job looking for a better life and answers after the technology bubble crash in 2000.

He came up with his first Crash Course video series about the 3Es: Economy, Energy and the Environment.

Chris came out with a book about the Crash Course and he is now re-releasing the Crash Course in a new and updated version. Please go to Chris' website to check out the new Crash Course!

During this 30+ minute interview Jason and Chris talk about the economy and the oil markets.

Jason starts off by asking Chris if he thinks the new "Black Swan" many experts have been looking for since 2008 is finally here in the form of too strong of a US Dollar and cheaper and cheaper oil prices at the same time?

Chris thinks there's a lot of Black Swans out there in the global economy.

Jason and Chris talk extensively about the oil market and whether this very large drop in oil prices was driven by fundamentals?

Chris tells Jason he thinks it was done on paper by HFT trading algorithms which are the same ones that also smash paper gold and silver prices in illiquid, overnight trading hours.

Jason and Chris talk extensively about shale oil and the oil markets.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Chris about compounding and about the gold and silver markets.

Chris tells Jason that nothing happening right now in markets is sustainable but that Wall St, politicians and central bankers are trying to maintain the status quo at all cost.

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