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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fools Gold: Ukraine Central Bank Conned Into Swapping Its Gold for Lead Bricks!

Worth repeating:  They couldn't be bothered with tungsten.  They were given LEAD.
Mind you, that lead could be reaallllllllly USEFUL!!!  They could even use it to get their gold back!
But please, once they re-model that lead, who is going to make sure they deliver it in the right direction?

That in itself would have been sufficient to explain why just a few short days later, the Netherlands shocked the world when it announced it had secretly repatriated 122 tonnes of gold from the NY Fed, and had the story of Ukraine's missing gold ended there (or even with the criminal probe launched by Ukraine whether the central bank head had abused her power and misused her office when she "intentionally committed an extremely unfavorable transaction for the gold and forex reserves of Ukraine"), it still would have been one of the most bizarre, surreal stories of 2014. Luckily, the story just got far better, and far, far more bizarre and surreal. As Bloomberg reports, Ukraine opened a criminal probe after several gold bars at the central bank’s storage in the southern city of Odessa turned to be painted lead. "The management of the central bank’s branch in Odessa asked us to investigate fraud by their employee," Volodymyr Shablienko, head of the Odessa police’s press office, said by phone today. "We are conducting a forensic audit now." As Bloomberg explains, the latest gold fraud involved a central bank employee passing lead bars covered with golden paint to the storage unit, registering them as gold, the Vesti newspaper reported today, citing an unidentified person with knowledge of the matter in Odessa’s police department. According to additional information from RT, the central bank was actually conned into buying the gold-plated lead. Yes lead, not even tungsten.

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