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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

London Gold Pool Ending Repeating Itself | Turd Ferguson

Craig was a longtime financial services professional before quitting the industry and starting his website to talk about the end of The Great Keynesian Experiment.

During this 25+ minute interview Jason asks Craig why he thinks the Swiss Gold Referendum failed?

Craig/Turd talks about how the Swiss central bankers actively campaigned against people voting for it, which is not allowed. Jason says he thought the vote was doomed once it was made impossible to donate via Paypal.

Next, Jason asks Turd about the macroeconomic situation. Turd says things are not going well globally and that's all the more reason why people should be buying physical gold and silver. He thinks the metals have bottomed and 2015 should be much better.

Jason points out that while paper prices have not gone higher, Barclays and UBS were both heavily fined for market manipulation in the gold market.

Jason then asks Turd about a number of EU countries starting to ask for their physical gold back or starting to demand audits of their gold.

Jason and Craig discuss the London Gold Pool breaking up in the 1960s and how what is happening now looks very similar.

Craig talks about financial warfare and Russia and how he thinks the US and Saudis teamed up against Russia to drive the oil price down and how the US and Wall St attacked Russia's currency, the Russian Ruble.

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