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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gold Report 2015-01-21: Swiss Bank Causes Gold to Rally

The gold bullion market has been pushed back into the limelight after a series of disappointing performances, breaching the 1,300 dollar barrier for the first time since August of last year. The main catalyst for this dramatic shift is the Swiss National Bank's unexpected announcement that it will no longer honor the policy to artificially decelerate its national currency, making the Swiss franc stronger relative to the dollar, and in turn, making the dollar weaker against fiscally-sound currencies and safe-haven assets.

A higher valuation on gold is also an indictment against the policies of President Barack Obama, who bloviated through a number of contradictory economic proposals in the most recent State of the Union address. Key amongst them is the so-called "Robin Hood" tax, which on paper is designed to resolve growing wealth disparity, but in reality, simply scares businesses away from our shores and into the hands of foreign nations, taking away not only jobs but the resources working-class Americans need to move ahead. And once this transition occurs on a mass scale, what will happen to the demand for dollars? Who will want to trade in our currency?

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