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Monday, January 5, 2015

Investing For Beginners

Everyone wants to act like Fannie and Freddie Mac had no government affiliation before the crisis when in reality government owned a large percentage of both companies it was only in 2009 did they take a hundred percent stake(by force).. And guess who comes in with the Cape blowing in the wind? JP and Morgan; tradition really that was.. Sheila bear heading the FDIC picked up Indy IndyMac. Oh by the way Fannie and Freddie Mac tried to sue for over a hundred million dollars tried to make them buy back like a million plus loans.. But unfortunately couldn't because IndyMac Bank became IndyMac Federal Bank and they didn't owe Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac a dime. How coincidental that 90 days from the day FDIC consumed IndyMac the government took a hundred percent stake and Fannie and Freddie Mac ! 30 days to that date IndyMac Federal Bank was then sold and became one West Bank that sadly has deteriorated into literally nothing... But nobody is talking about that are they I mean the amount of toxicity that FDIC knowingly consumed isn't being discussed is there a reason? I think we know..

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