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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Banksters Massive Precious Metals Naked Shorts Exposed

Banksters Were Naked Short 10 M Oz Of Gold & 600 M Oz of Silver Ahead of Massive Raid!

With Friday's big PM raid TFMetals' Craig Hemke (Turd Ferguson) joins the show this week discussing:
1. Ferguson breaks down the mechanics of cartel actions leading up to, and triggering big PM raid-
2. Banksters issued 10 million oz of paper gold in January preparing for epic FOMC & NFP raid
3. Banksters were naked short nearly 700 million oz of silver!
4. CME hikes margins twice in past week forcing long specs to liquidate
5. Goal was to smash gold through the 200 DMA
6. Will crucial support in gold hold at $1200 or are we headed below $1,000?

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