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Friday, March 13, 2015

Jim Cramer: We're All Going to Want an Apple Watch by 2017

TheStreet's Jim Cramer interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday on CNBC where Cook shared his thoughts on the Apple Watch. Cook revealed that the Apple Watch has 11,000 people in a study at Stanford University to be used for cardiovascular research. Cramer says this shows this watch is going to be a game changer. He says the device comes in watch form but it's not a watch, it is a health kit. And when people realize that, they're going to buy it. Don't be surprised if even your insurance company makes you use it, he says. Cramer says the fact is that when you have a study that enrolls that many people so quickly, the FDA takes notice. Cramer believes this is going to be accelerated and we're all going to want to own one by 2017.

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