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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Petrodollar Demise

Economic Lies and the Petrodollar Demise | Jerry Robinson

► State of the Economy: Not Good!
- No honest metrics to back it up
- 5.5% Unemployment rate is completely unrealistic vs. Labor Participation Rate
- Biblical call for a nation to use "Just Weights and Honest Measures" is not being followed
- Stock Market Pumped up by easy money policy
- 80% of people not participating in or benefiting from the inflated stock market
- Free info available on
- JP Morgan Chief says next crisis is going to be worse than the 2008 collapse
- How to Make money when the market turns down

► Strength of the US Dollar
- Concern in the overall global economy -- USD has been the biggest game in town
- Asian Infrastucture Investment Bank (AIIB) - Challenger to the World Bank (which is dominated by US), born from Bretton Woods 1944 - Invests in global infrastructure, Chinese - Power struggle between US domination and the rest of the world, led by China - China booming demand: Chinese urbanization ( = 1 Japan every 8 years!)

► Petrodollar
- Major power struggle over oil supply & price pressure
- Saudis against Russia, Iran, US Fracking & exporting Liq Nat Gas
- Russia, China & Iran trying to move away from US dollar
- WSJ: Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline to be funded by China, over US Objections & wars - US/Reagan had been cozying up to Taliban to get Unocal TAPI pipeline - Iraq war was in part to prevent TAPI pipeline - US threatened sanctions against India if they take part in pipeline
- Mainstream media lying about buildup of war against Iran - excuse: Iran is radical Islamic jihadists - but Saudi is painted as a good country (uses dollar) - both: suppress women, hate israel, hate US, terrible human rights violations - As soon as Saudi dumps USD, suddenly propaganda will flip Saudi from "good" to bad.

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