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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bill Murphy-Blowup of Gold and Silver Markets Coming

The U.S. Justice Department has recently granted UBS immunity in a criminal investigation of “manipulation of, or fraud in” the gold and silver markets. Why a serious Justice Department investigation now? Precious metals expert Bill Murphy says, “I am so skeptical after all these years, and it’s a question of where they go with this. If they are just talking about the gold fix itself—big deal. The ramification of how they are interfering with the markets all the time is the real issue. Why are they doing this now? Well, probably because it is so obvious, and they been doing it in so many other markets they feel compelled to do something, so they are going here. . . . This is going to effect a lot of people, if I am correct, when this market blows up. Maybe they see something coming with allocated accounts and the gold isn’t there. . . . They know it’s coming, and maybe they are trying to preempt something here so they don’t look so bad.”

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