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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dr. Jim Willie Interview / Grexit concerns, US Economic Implosion...more

Topics covered are
- preface on narcotics and its role in spreading fascism and wrecking economies
- the expansion of trade between Russia & China
- the spread of numerous platforms and agencies in further movement away from USDollar
- the Chinese usage of Intl Monetary Fund in further movement away from USD
- possible motive of Ukraine War to block inclusion of Gold/Silver in IMF SDR basket
- Global Reset is really a project to install the Gold Standard in trade corridors
- USEconomy is faltering badly as 6000 retail stores are announced for shutdown
- no USEconomic recovery is remotely in view, rather a wicked depression
- the United States still has the highest retail space per capita in the world
- the consumer economy structure was guarantee for systemic failure
- solutions lie in business investment, Gold trade settlement, and abandoning USDollar

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