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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rick Rule: In A Market Collapse, Selling Will Be Driven By the Margin Clerk

Sprott's Rick Rule joins The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for a special show discussing:

1. Why Rick believes the Bear market appears to be over in junior mining equities: We are now in the early stages of recovery- We have all of the hallmarks of a market that wants to go higher!
2. Rule explains why Markets Work: The cure for low prices is low prices!
3. One Final Gift From Mr. Market to Mr. Rule? Rick discusses the potential for a historic opportunity to invest in the oil resource sector come Q4
4. Does China Believe it is Game On For Resource Materials Acquisition? Rule Provides Anecdotal Evidence Why the Answer is Yes!
5. Rick explains why In the circumstance of a liquidity driven market collapse, you don't want to own an indirect proxy for gold (shares), you want to own gold- Selling will be driven by the margin clerk, not the client
6. Finally, The Doc asks Rick to discuss the proposed tender for the assets in Sprott's Central Gold & Silver trusts

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