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Friday, September 18, 2015

Do Central Bankers Really Believe What they Say?

 Patrick Barron: Do Central Bankers Really Believe What they Say?

Our guest this week is Patrick Barron, a professor of economics and a student of global currency markets. Patrick and I dissect the Fed's big announcement this past week not to raise interest rates, and consider whether Janet Yellen and other central bankers really believe in what they're doing.

Is it all just to save themselves from the judgment of history, by kicking the can down the road? Have they read, or even considered, Austrian arguments on money and banking? Or are they simply so wedded to Keynesian orthodoxy that they literally don't know what else to do? And what type of precipitating events might spell the end of US dollar imperialism?

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  1. We here in America will suffer great consequences because of the Fed's decision inability to let the American people know what is really good on.


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