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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gold Will Go to $5,000 In Next Cycle - Best Time in History to Buy Gold Stocks

Jeff interviews renowned gold analyst and TDV business partner, Ed Bugos. Topics include: Ed Bugos to speak at the TDV Investment and Internationalization Summit, Austrian economics in practice, shorting commodities in the tech bubble, the same opportunities exist today, Ed's accurate picks in the last gold bull market, the commodity bubble around 2008, Ed meets Jeff and they start The Dollar Vigilante, the world's first anarcho-capitalist newsletter, Ed's subscribers made big profits on the last gold bull run, now is the best buying opportunity in Ed's 30 year career, the current bubble is caused by the federal reserve and if they stop printing the market will be in for a massive correction, the importance of good information, analysis and understanding in choosing a trade, an historical perspective on the current situation, Ed's market predictions for the near future in a 5-6 year bull market where gold could reach $4-5000.

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