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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mohammed El Erian On The Next Crash & Fears Of A New Collapse

Mohamded to talk here and act as if he has any authority at all is truly astounding. Europe and Japan have NEGATIVE interest rates an the US federal reserve head has said has said she is looking at doing 2% negative interest rates in the US soon. Wake up people this is a take over of our country from within nothing less. This is engineered by the bankers to gain 100% control over the world. The state of Texas is building a gold bullion bank where people can store their gold bars many states have made gold and silver legal tender again. Texas has been getting request from around the world from individuals and countries asking if they will store their gold for them because they don't trust the oligarchs that are running the most of the world governments. The US constitution says only gold and silver will be considered to be money theirs a reason for that its because it cannot be printed on a whim and it has intrinsic value. If you don't like your country you can take a gold or silver coin to some other country and it still has value no matter where you go. Larry Summers is talking about getting rid of cash why are the elites wanting to do that so they can force everyone to stay in the banking system and they can charge you interest on your money. WAKE UP FOLKS !!! The people of the world against the rich powerful people of the world it has been an age old battle for thousands of years. The oligarchs put out our TV, media and movies and they use it to make the people of the world fight among each other on silly non-sense issues because as long as we are all fighting we want notice who is the real problem............the BANKERS !!

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