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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oil Prices hit 2016 highs after fall in US inventors

Oil rises above $50, US productivity set to fall

Oil prices have surged to their highest level for the first time this year amid investor concerns over US interest rates and China's slowing economy. Brent crude for July delivery rose 27 cents to cross 50 dollars a barrel in early Asian trading on Thursday. The West Texas Intermediate rose 21 cents to stand at about 50 dollars. The markets also rallied after the US Department of Energy said its crude stocks slid by four-point-three million barrels in the week leading to May 20. The global oil market nose-dived from above 100 dollars a barrel two years ago to around 27 in early 2016. They have since rebounded, aided by weeks of wildfires in Canada that have curbed oil production as well as unrest affecting energy infrastructure in Nigeria.

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