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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cashless Society Coming, Get Gold NOW! - James G. Rickards Interview

Coming US Dollar Crash; New Gold Standard or IMF SDR World Currency? - James G. Rickards Interview

00:30 Introduction for Jim Rickards
01:10 Digital Wealth Can and Will be Wiped Out
03:40 $10,000 Gold Price Target in the New Case for Gold, Gold vs US Dollar
04:20 Rickards says Bitcoin is Money
05:30 The Current Gold Rally is Really the Dollar Going Down
07:00 Gold Standard Potential, IMF SDR World Currency
10:00 Calculating Gold Price with World Money Supplies Equals $10 to $50,000 Gold
13:30 What is the Elite's Endgame? Jim Names the Conspirators
16:00 Plan A of Elite: Helicopter Money, it's different from QE
19:00 Plan B of Elite: Collapse World Markets, Introduce SDR World Currency
20:20 Gold Could Skyrocket under World Market Crash, Shortages & $100 Moves a Day
22:00 Cashless Society Coming, Get Gold NOW!

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