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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lithium: The New Gold? - Lithium X CEO Chimes In

It seems gold's 2016 rally is cooling down, so is it time for investors to be looking elsewhere? Could lithium be the answer? Kitco News spoke with LiTHIUM X CEO Brian Paes-Braga, who is bullish on gold but more so on lithium. ‘You’re looking at an industry that is growing 5 or 6 times in a short period of time,’ he said Wednesday. Lithium and lithium stocks have been rallying, especially given the growing movement towards electric cars. ‘A couple of months ago, I think the real monumental shift happened in the lithium space,’ Paes-Braga said. ‘Electric vehicles are really the big driver,’ he added, noting that he expects electric vehicles to increase demand for lithium over the next decade. How can investors get exposure to the sector? According to the millennial CEO, it is important to look at the junior companies in the industry. ‘As you know in the gold space, or other metals, there are many options for investors and in the lithium space, there wasn’t that type of opportunity for the investor,’ he said. ‘So for an investor to get exposure to the space they really have to come downstream and take a look at smaller cap companies to get proper exposure to it.’

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