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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The Federal Reserve signalled it was likely to hold any imminent interest rate rise on Tuesday as chair Janet Yellen warned of the impact of Britain’s possible exit from the European Union, slower job growth and global worries about China on US economic growth. Yellen has been warning of the impact of jittery investors and volatile markets over the last few months. Her comments come after two months of lackluster reports on the US jobs market and growing signs of nervousness about the UK referendum on European Union membership on US stock markets. “One development that could shift investors’ sentiment is the upcoming referendum in the United Kingdom,” she said in her testimony before the US Senate committee on banking, housing and urban affairs. “A UK vote to exit the European Union could have significant economic repercussions.” When pressed for more details, Yellen said Britain leaving the EU, also known as Brexit, would usher in a period of uncertainty and lead to volatility in financial markets, both of which would affect US economic outlook. Given the considerable challenges faced by China and the situation in the UK, Yellen said the Fed will continue monitoring global economic and financial developments. Sign up to our EU referendum morning briefing Read more Pushed further, Yellen added that she said Britain leaving the EU “could” affect the US economic outlook but that she does not “know that it would”. Financial reaction could result in a “flight to safety” that might push up the dollar and other safe haven currencies. “I don’t want to overblow the possible impacts but we’ll watch it carefully,” she said. Asked if the US economy could go back into recession if Britain leaves the EU, Yellen said: “I don’t think that is the most likely case, but we just don’t know what will happen.” U.S. USA America "United States" Bank Banking Savings "Bank Account" "Interest Rate" Interest "Savings Account" Mortgage Housing Economy Europe BREXIT UK Europe "European Union" Gold Silver USD Forex Trade "Stock Market" Inflation Sale Business Jobs Employment Tax 2016 2017 Poverty Poor Elite Wealth "American Dream" Global "Gold Bullion" "Silver Coin" "Binary Options" Invest Investment "Elite NWO Agenda" news media entertainment trendy trends george soros jim rogers gerald celente rothschild rothchilds bankers offshore tax haven alex jones rant infowars david icke trump hillary clinton bilderberg “We simply cannot predict what will happen on Friday – no one can,” Carl Weinberg, founder and chief economist of High Frequency Economic, said before the hearing. “The number of undecided voters is three times the gap between the ‘leave’ and the ‘stay’ camp, even with ‘stay’ pulling ahead over the weekend. The polls are probably useless anyway if their recent forecasting records are indicative.” "Although concerns about slowing growth in China and falling commodity prices appear to have eased from earlier this year, China continues to face considerable challenges as it rebalances its economy toward domestic demand and consumption and away from export-led growth," Yellen told lawmakers. Stocks and sterling rose while the safe-haven assets gold and bonds slipped on Wednesday, as investors grew more optimistic Britain would vote to remain in the European Union in its referendum on Thursday. Fed chairwoman blasts Trump on debt

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