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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trump promises 4% growth for 5 years

The Kings College Professor Brian Brenberg discusses Donald Trump's economic plan.

The recent discussion on Fox News about Trump's plan for 4% growth has brought up a lot of questions lately on how we can get there. In the video, Brenberg points out how even economists from different perspectives agree that overspending and over-taxation is not a pro-growth strategy. With the economy growing at 1.2%, gold has gone up this summer in correlation with macroeconomic issues like the recent decisions of the world's central banks.

Negative rates in Europe, the US Federal Reserve continuing to put off rate hikes, and other factors can cause huge swings in this commodity. According to this table from a company with precious metals IRAs comparing gold, the US Dollar and Bitcoin, the biggest issue gold has going for it is portability. Nations can still sell gold to pay for their budget deficits like Venezuela has been doing for much of 2016, but just think of the fuel cost alone to fly that much gold to Switzerland! 

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