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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Lithium Boom is Here! - To investors, this is the New Oil! - David Sidoo Interview

Daniel has recently had the opportunity to learn about Advantage Lithium and get to know David Sidoo, the CEO behind it. This company is extremely well positioned for the boom that is starting in energy and battery technology with projects in at least 3 countries ready to go.

00:05 Introduction to Advantage Lithium Corp
02:10 Why Lithium, Why Advantage Lithium Corp
03:20 Tesla can Consume All Lithium Supply by Itself
04:20 Huge Potential with Many Lithium Use Cases & Little Supply
06:00 Advantage Lithium's People & Projects
08:00 Clayton Valley Projects in Nevada
10:40 Energy Investors Should Look VERY Seriously at Lithium
11:30 Lithium to have Faster Upside than Uranium
12:10 Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Advantage Lithium
13:30 David Sidoo: Football & Charity


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