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Thursday, September 8, 2016

With the bullish run for gold and silver, which metal provides the best return?

KITCO NEWS - Gold and silver ended the U.S. day session weaker Wednesday on some profit taking from recent gains that pushed both metals to a three-week high overnight. Gold is up 2% this week and silver 4%; so, with the bullish run for the metals, which one provides the best return? One axiom suggests that if you are bullish gold, buy silver. Todd 'Bubba' Horwitz, host of the Bubba Show and founder of, says 'not so fast.' The axiom suggests that silver is more volatile, which is why it overreacts to gold in the short term. However, Horwitz explains that while he is a fan of silver, he's not so quick to abandon the yellow metal. December Comex gold was last down $4.10 an ounce at $1,349.90. December Comex silver was last down $0.288 at $19.85 an ounce.

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