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Friday, December 9, 2016

Jim Willie Fed to Sabotage Trump Administration AMERİCAN ARMAGEDDON crisis

When the US Dollar is used on the black market, (read: "free" market) in India, Uruguay and LOTS on other Countries, that will be " DE -flationary (DEFLATIONARY) for the US Dollar, and Trump's gonna have to meet the demand by putting US Dollars out there. (The Donald once again 'swooped-in to grab a handful off the top'_on what was planned for Clinton to pay for more war.) I look for the Fed, to have all other countries that it can, to convert to 'digital' like India and Uruguay. And another layer of unaccountability.

- A recent Italian referendum failed to pass. The people voted against the referendum by nearly a 20 point margin. What are the consequences of this? ►3:20
- The media's lies about Trump ►17:26
- Will the Fed sabotage the Trump administration? ►28:08

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