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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bix Weir-Trump Will Crash System then Rebuild

Gold, silver and Bitcoin expert Bix Weir thinks Trump knows a crash is coming and is getting ready. Weir says, “Trump has the keys to ending this market rigging game. Once you end the market rigging game, then you can’t support the stock market, and everything has to go to its true fair market value with real trades and no more derivatives. Trump can do it, but it’s not just Trump. It’s also the people behind Trump. I call them the good guys. It’s people in the Pentagon, people in the military and patriots. All this goes back to what does Trump want to do. Do they want to fix things with the bubbles still there and with the Fed still printing money? Or, does he really want to fix it? Which means you crash the system first, and then you rebuild. I think it’s the latter. I think he’s trying to get people in place, and he will crash the system and then rebuild.” So, what would Weir sell, and what would he be buying? Weir says, “On the sell side, I’d sell anything that has a third party between you and your asset. That could be stocks and bonds. On the buy side, I’d buy Bitcoin with both feet . . . buy a lot of silver, as much silver as you can . . . and buy gold, as well.

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