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Friday, February 10, 2017

Major Money Managers Have A Grim Outlook For The US Stock Market

Transcript : several months ago we were following 0:08 closely as billionaire after billionaire 0:11 Warren the financial calamity to come 0:13 whether they were warning of a downturn 0:16 debt jubilee are taking large positions 0:18 and precious metal stocks guys like 0:20 Stanley Druckenmiller Kristen OD paul 0:23 singer and even the trillionaire himself 0:26 jacob rothschild were outspoken and 0:28 there start view of the markets now we 0:31 have Stanley Druckenmiller again who 0:33 sold off his entire goal position the 0:35 night of trumps victory just buy back 0:38 the same position 0:39 initially he thought killer would end up 0:41 winning but according to one interview 0:43 after Trump got elected he thought the 0:46 Donald would be in favor of lowering 0:47 corporate tax rates and cutting back 0:49 regulations he viewed this as positive 0:51 for both equities and the dollar and it 0:54 is the reason he sold his position in 0:56 the yellow metal the fact that he's 0:58 gotten back into the same trade now 0:59 shows up a billionaire may be 1:02 dissatisfied with the way Trump's 1:04 policies are moving truck and miller who 1:07 manages his own personal 4.7 billion 1:09 dollar fortune isn't alone although his 1:12 net worth is less than some of his money 1:14 managing counterparts Larry think the 1:16 CEO of Blackrock also just turned 1:19 unexpectedly bearish blackrock is the 1:21 world's largest asset manager with 1:23 control over five point one trillion 1:25 dollars in assets its CEO was just 1:28 quoted by writers as saying I see a lot 1:30 of dark shadows the markets are probably 1:33 ahead of themselves think added that 1:36 disruptions to trade our possibility and 1:38 that we're living in a bipolar world 1:40 right now he also said that he expects 1:42 to see the Federal Reserve raise rates 1:44 this coming june and perhaps once again 1:46 before the year is over if markets are 1:49 going to react anything like they did 1:50 the last time the Fed raised rates when 1:52 the US market subsequently had the worst 1:54 january in history we should certainly 1:56 be taking note lately 1:59 gold prices have significantly rebounded 2:01 and hit three months highs Bitcoin to 2:04 has jumped back above $1,000 to hit a 2:07 one-month high and is within striking 2:08 distance of its 2017 hi golden Bitcoin 2:13 are typically used as a safe haven to 2:15 hedge against the falling dollar or 2:16 inflationary scenario 2:18 do movements to the upside are a good 2:20 indication that it's time to either add 2:22 to your position or start a new one if 2:25 you haven't already with the uncertainty 2:27 about stocks you'll want to get the most 2:30 updated information on how to protect 2:31 yourself from a potential downturn 2:34 through investments and other 2:35 cryptocurrencies and specific stock 2:37 picks the dollar vigilante and our 2:39 senior analyst at boo goes provide those 2:41 be our newsletter which you can 2:44 subscribe to a tolerable on / 2:46 subscribe also join us this coming 2:49 february2014 beautiful a couple Mexico 2:51 for our TV internationalisation & 2:54 Investment Summit it includes numerous 2:56 speakers on the forefront of blockchain 2:58 technology asset management precious 3:00 metals and trading strategy including 3:02 jira Griffin david morgan fix we're and 3:06 many more 3:07 you can find out more at TV Investment 3:10 Summit dot-com and after that we invite 3:13 you to stay a bit longer and get a 3:14 ticket for an arc apoco the largest 3:16 voluntary accomplice in the world at an 3:18 arco com it starts the following day and 3:22 will be held under the same roof of the 3:23 five-star hotel mundo imperial and 3:26 finishes on peppery 28 with crypto poco 3:28 an entire day devoted to block chain and 3:31 cryptocurrencies with all the world's 3:33 top experts we look forward to seeing 3:35 you there in a few weeks 3:37 [Music] 3:42 the world is going to be dramatically 3:45 different in just a few short years the 3:48 European Union is fracturing beginning 3:50 with breakfast 3:51 Donald Trump is ushering in a new era 3:53 populism and protectionism government 3:56 debt is wildly out-of-control numerous 3:59 central banks have gone to negative 4:00 interest rates in order to keep the 4:02 system going just a little while longer 4:04 capital controls are increasing while 4:08 the war on cash has been pursued it 4:09 further in places like India and 4:11 Venezuela the World Bank IMF bankers 4:15 canada George Laura jacob rothschild and 4:18 many more warmth but we're in uncharted 4:20 waters on the edge of collapse putting 4:23 your money in a mutual fund and holding 4:25 it for 30 years will not work anymore 4:27 just borrow it has been warning of this 4:30 since founding the dollar vigilante with 4:31 a Google in 2010 and his course have 4:34 been epic 4:36 he was the first prominent financial 4:37 commentator to tell his subscribers and 4:40 the public to get into bitcoin when it 4:42 was three dollars in 2011 it is 4:44 currently eight hundred dollars 4:46 what's your connection to report the 4:48 main connection isn't incredibly excited 4:51 about it bitcoin is the revolution and 4:53 money and banking the same way that the 4:54 internet was a revolution with what what 4:57 ed Lucas has been one of the few to one 4:59 of the two thousand one in 2008 crashes 5:01 and has been bullish on gold since its 5:03 bottom in the year 2000 and together 5:05 they are holding their annual pdb 5:08 investment and internationalisation 5:09 stomach this februari in Acapulco Mexico 5:12 help you prepare for the crisis ahead 5:16 last year the TV summit they warned what 5:18 was coming and gave advice that made 5:20 attendees fortunes this is why where at 5:23 where at central banking give a man a 5:25 gun and he can rob a bank 5:27 give a man a bank and he can rob 5:29 everyone and you know we are well grew 5:32 up watching old westerns and people rob 5:34 banks that was the good old his now bank 5:37 for our view edge Google's mention three 5:40 stocks to buy agnico-eagle agnico-eagle 5:43 is one by one of the most experienced 5:45 those machines in the industry and it 5:47 grows 76.3 1% 5:50 since BTW felt cold feature Goldcorp is 5:54 responsible for discovering water 30 5:56 million ounces of gold in their career 5:58 and it was 248 percent and Sabina golden 6:03 silver cult Sibylla there's an emerging 6:06 producer each then rose 147 percent 6:09 these are terrific calls and this year 6:13 you can expect more of them just go and 6:16 Google will be surrounded with an 6:18 all-star lineup of speakers including 6:20 author of the creature from jekyll 6:22 island GA edward griffin who will 6:24 discuss the state of central banking 6:25 today the world's most respected silver 6:28 analyst david morgan at the Morgan 6:30 report fix where of rotor rooter com on 6:33 discovery the truth behind are massively 6:35 manipulated markets and to help expose 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