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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Debt Bubble Will Burst: What You NEED To Know. By Gregory Mannarino

Transcript : if 0:07 you follow as well you know that I've 0:09 been poking fun at the mainstream 0:14 financial outlets a lot lately and it 0:21 was kind of funny and i'm referring 0:24 specifically in this video to their take 0:27 which we going two goals that they 0:29 almost never talk about silver but the 0:30 goal again i I've been covering how 0:34 since the end of last year 0:37 december you had commentator if the 0:40 commentator after professional after 0:43 professor saying no no 0:44 so gold get rid of it dump it and we 0:48 heard the scene thing last week and you 0:52 know I did videos about it speaking 0:54 about it and and what's been going on 0:56 it's doing nothing but going higher and 1:00 higher and higher so the I've been 1:03 saying what happened since the end of 1:05 last year and it's not going to stop 1:08 I've been doing this video blog right 1:10 now gold is up about 1% Sobers up about 1:13 1.15 percent and i know you get if you 1:19 follow this blog and it's something i've 1:21 been talking a lot lately and she's 1:24 still important to understand that the 1:26 global get problem is only going to get 1:30 monumentally worse not just worse much 1:34 much worse in a bubble 1:36 there's no doubt about it is gonna keep 1:38 getting worse so we need to keep betting 1:40 against it no bubble can go on in 1:44 perpetuity without there being a 1:47 terrible price to pay 1:49 now I've also spoken about it is not 1:52 just Greg Mannarino saying this 1:55 there's a lot of of people saying that 1:59 the bull market in bond is over i have 2:04 no doubt that that is true we see is big 2:07 bull run for 30 years we have seen a 2:10 clear capitulation 2:12 and that is going to play out with 2:14 rising race is going to be a lot of 2:17 people out there stuck holding the bag 2:19 here at one particular point we are 2:24 going to see a huge really a surge of 2:28 people leaving the debt market now I've 2:31 been talking about this dynamic before 2:34 years how it's going to play out now we 2:38 do have a new president because of that 2:41 we are going to see some other things 2:44 change because of his policy because it 2:47 would he want to deal with he's trying 2:49 to do but in the grand scheme of things 2:52 what this means is we need to be taking 2:57 the opposite side of that trade of the 3:00 opposite side of the debt 3:02 ok and that is holding the hard at least 3:05 is why i cant and I've been saying this 3:07 for it what seems like forever now but 3:11 italy since the end of last year I've 3:14 been saying I'm a super bowl with regard 3:17 to gold and silver in the been gaming 3:20 and gaming in gaining ever since and 3:22 it's not going to stop that does not 3:24 mean for you trolls out there that is 3:27 going to be to go up straight in a 3:29 linear fashion that we are going to get 3:31 a pullback we need these two batches 3:33 that we need these told us in the stock 3:34 market to push it higher I'm still a 3:37 very bullish if you go to the stock 3:39 market as well again money is bleeding 3:42 is going to is already bleeding out of 3:45 the debt markets going to bleed a lot 3:47 more with this kind of controlled bleed 3:50 if you want to call it that are we 3:53 seeing cash move into the stock market 3:56 that's what's pushing higher social 3:58 moving into precious no pushing them 4:02 higher when the debt bubble tops and 4:04 it's going to burst is no doubt about it 4:07 I want to talk more about that in just a 4:08 second we're going to see a interest 4:11 rates spike rather rapidly that's going 4:14 to put a lot of pressure at that point 4:16 on the stock market until that point we 4:19 need to be in the market on the long end 4:21 but understand when the debt bubble 4:23 burst 4:24 ok there's going to be a mess exit out 4:27 of debt 4:28 out of stock and is going to simply move 4:30 in to suppress at gold and silver feel 4:34 simple this is and we're starting to see 4:36 the beginnings of that now we're going 4:39 to debt bubble and I know you can hear 4:42 me talk about this forever I didn't 4:44 interview with the x 22 reports the end 4:48 of less than K my Saturday actually do 4:51 not miss this 4:53 if if you have not seen it i'm going to 4:57 place the link in the description of 4:58 this video and in the comments section 5:01 I really talk about where the the issue 5:06 of debt is going to push us all push the 5:09 world and we're already starting to see 5:10 a lot of this unfold right now we've 5:12 been seeing in the lobby seems to be 5:13 getting worse 5:14 I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag 5:16 but i want you just take a few minutes 5:20 of your time here and check out that 5:22 interview and x22 report again is a link 5:26 in the description you in the comments 5:28 section so another thing just real quick 5:33 keep ignoring the machine when they tell 5:35 you to sell gold that means you should 5:38 be hoarding it understand i think you 5:40 get it 5:41 with that said I will kill you

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