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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Erik Townsend --- Oil Price to Crash to $20 then Spike MUCH Higher

First time guest Erik Townsend really gives us the broad view on world oil supply and where we are in the peak oil curve. He's predicting some volatility in the price, well to clarify, a crash to near $20 and then spike much higher within 5 years as the supply gets choked out. If you love energy be sure not to miss this interview.

01:05 Risk for Market Crash by Summer Increasing
03:55 Establishment Derailing All Trump's Policies
05:00 Ex-Exxon Rex Tillerson Will be Sec State?
05:00 Could Oil go to $20 under Green Energy Trend?
05:00 US Oil & Trump's Sec. State Pick Ex-Exxon CEO
08:10 Peak Oil: US Overly liquid fuel dependent
10:20 Venezuela (Oil) to Fall Apart into Civil War
11:50 History of World Supply & Peak Oil Soon
17:00 Oil to become more Expensive and Exotic Origin
18:55 Fracking as a Threat to the Environment
21:20 What Investments will Benefit from Peak Oil?
22:50 Crash in Oil Prices Coming then Rally High
25:10 Get more from Erik Townsend at

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