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Monday, March 6, 2017

#Stocks : Are We About To See A Run On The Bond Market? By Gregory Mannarino

as usual and I want to try to put a perspective on a bunch of things a lot of dynamic seem to be moving and changing and let's see if we can come to some kind of an understanding as to what we are witnessing right now let's start off with this as i'm doing this video blog the dow jones industrial average is down nearly triple digits I think a lot of this has to do with the North Korean missile launches that happened yesterday at the market suit the futures went down right away and the market trying to digest what is going on here is also trying to digest on what the Federal Reserve may do here in just a couple of weeks we can go to raising the federal funds rate it's also trying to digest what's going to happen here with the debt ceiling so you can see why the marketing a little bit of pressure here but again look at the Grand perspective we've had a run up here which has been epic this is normal in my opinion nothing to get shook up about but there is one thing that is HUGE actually maybe even to that we need to talk about and the number one thing is the bond market if you know my work you are well aware of some of the dynamics that occur with regard to the bond market look real quick here the bond market the largest market of them all on wanted the dead market a lot of people like that to me great with the difference the same thing so right now as i'm doing this video blog the US 10-year yield is almost 2.5 in the grand scheme of things historically it's ridiculously low but not too long ago the US 10-year yield was below 1.5% the Federal Reserve with their talk literally has caused the the bond market to adjust on until they haven't had to do anything now there's a reason behind us and you need to understand what's going on ok so the photos are very well may raise rates this month and i believe to come down to a credibility issue they don't want you but they may have to the Federal Reserve and I can't stress this enough is horrified of the prospect of causing disruptions in the bond market again the biggest market of them all so the Federal Reserve is desperately trying to do is allow them the free market to adjust rates on its own again the federal reserve has raised the federal funds rate the overnight rate twice in ten years but we've seen the bond market move ok the phone reserve never had an exit strategy on how do you get out of there artificially suppressing interest rates gone on now to the better part of a decade they also understand clearly that there are uh i mean i could you put a number on it there are trillions of dollars in debt now that is being held by investors and individuals that is yielding lower than the current rate but they were afraid of believe me when I tell you this is a run on the bond market there they they do not want some kind of a panic selling to occur that were to happen the Federal Reserve is frankly screwed we're going to buy everything to continue to suppress rates absolutely not so what they're doing here and I talked about this i think last week is trying to keep the market off-balance trying to make the market understand that they're kind of stuck and we're going to have to do some thing so they're hoping that those that are holding get that is yielding lower than the coronary i'm not going to do I got to get rid of this today we're going to continue to go higher we want to keep the market confused understand they do not want to call it a run on the bond market which I think has a high probability of happening now again world's central banks are public enemy number one period the end they have been nothing but destroy these markets upside down backwards and sideways the debt market which has bled off to every single other asset across the spectrum and there's going to be a terrible moment of reckoning at one point when who knows again I really speculate on this anymore but we need to keep our eye on bond market especially in this environment with a possible debt ceiling issue generated we know they're gonna raid they have to read it okay but there's going to be a lot of turmoil i think leading up to it and and I think there's a lot of worry honestly which we go to what may occur here in the bond market you have to understand I'm not the only one and I'm sure you want them to if you follow this love you get it to understand that there could be a run on the bond market which we disrupt everything because it would cause such havoc across the financial markets I mean it would be epic it really would and uh uncertain the dust of the fetish concerned with here now golden silver gold and silver downing in today to pay for derivative govt SLV you should not be surprised about this told you more likely happen is that it needed to happen it needs to happen and it needs to happen now to understand the debt ceiling is going to be raised there is an issue regarding this debt market and I've gone over this at length they talk about it right now you need to be on the opposite side of that that means you need to be hoarding gold and silver a hard asset period you know that so what is this going to turn around i'm not really sure but let's keep our eye on it don't don't wait for it to turn around if you're looking to get more of this stuff I did a lot of people writing about that and I frankly i'm willing to ignore them on these kinds of these kind of emails because you shouldn't be worrying about it was going to turn around tomorrow the next day doesn't matter you should be you should have been if you follow this blog seriously understanding on point is that bet against his debt become your own central bank for years ok the price action based on dollars you can do the matter you know what the longer-term prospects there's no doubt about it ok global debt is going to get worse it's going to get monumentally worse so again it's just as clear as clear can be as to where you need to be right now anyway so stop more pieces of pressure here right now not too much going I have care about this triple digit it sell off today was where the markets going to enter they were disappointed because around really but we'll just have to keep our eye on this guy i said i think the the North Korean issue with these missiles got them the market spooked right now the trajectory here for stock is higher period that that's how I feel at this point uh alright think of some important issues with regards to what's going on here with the market with the ball markets with gold and silver as well just real quick before I let you go today is the last day ever ever done by evolution series evolution system series will be available to you if you're going away at the end of the day today it's not coming back so please one to discontinue go to my website don't write to me and actually great i missed it i cannot sell this to you I i know it's going to happen so if you write to me after its not available anymore frankly I cannot even get right back to you because i cannot sell this you anymore okay it's over I that's it so please understand if I don't write back to you i'm not ignoring you i'm trying to set the record straight i can not tell you the evolution system anymore after two day also after today this will be the last video that i am posting all my other channel the evolution system channel so if you are a subscriber to the evolution system channel subscribe to my main channel Gregory Mannarino market report alright with that said we see how all this plays out let's keep our eye on the bond market it is huge anyway with that said I feel tomorrow

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