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Monday, April 10, 2017

Collapse of Dollar and Rise of Gold | Jim Willie

Jim Willie's forecasts currently playing out:
- NATO is fracturing ►1:34
- Russia and China are totally capturing Greece and Turkey ►6:07
- EU commission becomes ignored and are becoming irrelevant ►8:51
- RMB short term note will be launched with a gold backing that kills the US treasury bill ►13:17
- IMF to back the SDR with gold ►21:54
- Saudi oil sales and the death of the petrodollar ►30:03
Past forcastes that played out or are becoming true:
- Saudis to accept RMB currency from China (not quite yet, but OPEC nations in Nigeria & Algeria already) ►40:53
- The US goverment confiscation of pension funds (in steps) (seen with US goverment worker pensions, lately with money market funds)
- USTreasury Bond 10-yr yield decline to 1.5%, and later to 1.0% (first part done, second part in progress) ►53:38

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