GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bitcoin $1,500 Party

The criminals know Psychology 101. One of the best way to trap a wild animal is the same for trapping people -- enticement! Set the trap with a juicy "reward" and then sit back and let nature run its course. In the case of humans that enticement - money - targets a basic passion : need and greed. The criminals will allow Bitcoin to go to 2,000 then 5,000 then 10,000 and who knows how high after that. The goal is simple - get the clueless people to accept digital money over hard money and then, when the prey is in the trap, slam the door shut! Since the 1990's I've been voicing that the day the criminals get the world to wholly accept a cashless system - be it Bitcoin or any other - that day will be THE END of the world as we've known it. The loudest "I TOLD YOU SO" awaits many clueless folk. Final comment : offer me a free 1-ounce gold coin ($1,260) and I'll run to get it; offer me a free Bitcoin ($1,480) and I'll politely pass.

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