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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Expect The Credit Market To Freeze Again, Leading To An Economic Meltdown. By Gregory Mannarino

Nobody talks about Fractional reserve banking because it is explosive to so many people on different financial ends of a spectrum. I've been railing against it for years and lately I have been telling everyone I can online about how Mnuchin is moving towards having Treasury remove smaller banks from the FEDs reserve minimums. Presently ,they are at 10% by the Fed rulebook, but if Mnuchin gets his way (likely because of the mass stupidity) ,in both Congress and the public, we will have unlimited amounts of credit. Zero Reserve banking is coming . In conjunction with a cashless society you have economic chaos beyond anything you have ever seen, even by todays standards. Mnuchin and Treasury are the most dangerous applications of financial oversight ,that this country has had since the gilded age . Financial Fascism .

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