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Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Much Of The U.S. Does China Own?

China owns around 1.3 trillion dollars of the United States' debt, but recently Chinese nationals have been heavily investing in different sectors of US economy. So, how much of the US does China own?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Grant Williams: Why The Smart Money Is So Nervous Now

"If you drop anybody into any momentous period in history, it’s really tough to perceive it at the time. It’s only when you look back on these things with the benefit of hindsight that you really see how historic they really are. But for many people right now who can forget the narrative and can forget what they're being told by various interested parties, if you can stand back far enough and take a practical look at what’s happening, I think it’s much easier to see certainly how far from normality things are today. "

So believes, Grant Williams, portfolio and strategy advisor for Vulpes Investment Management, and proprietor of the economic blog Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

In this weeks' podcast, Grant and Chris discuss the growing anxiety they see among experienced investors. More and more, those who have made long, successful careers in money management are realizing that the system has morphed into a strange beast they no longer recognize, nor trust. Fear of epic, perhaps historic, dislocations in price when the current market reverses is causing more and more of the "smart money" to sell out now and seek safe harbor.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't Expect a Rate Hike Until Next Year Says Levy Forecasting Center

Don't expect Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to hike rates until 2016, said Dr. Srinivas Thiruvadanthai, Director of Research for the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center. Thiruvadanthai added that global economies, especially the emerging markets, would not be able to withstand a U.S. rate hike. He said Europe is benefiting more from low oil prices and a weak Euro than the ECB's quantitative easing policy, adding that the Eurozone will suffer if its exports decline. Finally, Thiruvadanthai said the emerging markets are the most dependent on U.S. growth and EM countries need to improve their trade balances with the U.S.
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