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Monday, October 20, 2014

Jim Chanos: Finance Exists to Serve the Real Economy

Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Jim Chanos, President and Founder of Kynikos Associates,speaks with Bloomberg's Stephanie Ruhle at the Robin Hood Investors Conference in New York on the U.S. economy. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Financial Warfare & Market Volatility Exploding

Jason Burack and Mo Dawoud did a market wrap and discussed market volatility, a potential market crash and the wealth effect. Jason and Mo think after 2008 the rules changed and now asset prices will not be allowed to drop an enormous amount and if they do drop say 15-20% they may not be allowed to stay that low for more than 6-12 months due to the amount of leverage holding assets like stocks, bonds and real estate. Jason and Mo say there's no negative consequences for politicians and central bankers just printing more money out of thin air to boost asset prices again if they drop. These guys will not lose their jobs if they print more so when things are not how they want, they will most likely just do more QE or currency swaps. Jason and Mo then discuss the potential of financial warfare in the oil market and why OPEC and the Saudis most likely did not force oil prices lower. Jason then lays out the case for why this is the best time since 2009 in his opinion to buy profitable oil companies in many types of oil related industries across the board because many went on sale for a 15-20% discount in the last few months. Jason names a few of the dozens of oil companies he likes. Mo and Jason then talk about gold and silver and Jason and Mo discuss a safer way to invest in the rebound of gold and silver prices with a nice dividend yield.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is Russia nearing an Economic Crisis?

Seriously, what can the West offer Russia? I mean for the everyday Russian citizen, apart from the relatively higher living standards in some western European countries, what can Europe/America offer Russia? Morals/Culture/Industry/Science/Art/ Education/Military.... The West still thinks they call the shot, still believes they have the upper moral ground.. But the reality of the matter is....The West is as corrupt as Russia....... Corporations owned by rich and wealthy people own the mass media and hence the politicians who alternate between government and corporations. Enough of this myth that you are more moral and wiser.... you have very few things to offer Russia, and they are not worth Russia relinquishing its independent foreign policy.
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