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Monday, November 24, 2014

Gold & Silver Price Forecast 2015 by Miners & Producers

Producer's Forecasts for the Future Prices of Gold and Silver

Producer's Forecasts for the Future Prices of Gold and Silver. In this video, we will look at the Gold and Silver sections of Gold, Silver, and Copper 2015 Price Report from PWC, an annual survey of the producers of those metals. The report contains the producer's forecasts for next year's price, price going forward, costs for next year, and price used for resources and reserves estimates.

John Rubino -- Central Banks & Derivatives Traders have been having their usual fun with Gold & Silver lately

John Rubino – Did Gold and Silver Just Get Their “Greenspan Put”?

John comments that the world’s central banks and derivatives traders have been having their usual fun with gold and silver lately, dumping huge volumes of futures contracts into thin markets to produce massive declines — just when precious metals SHOULD have been soaring in response to near-global debt monetization. But something interesting happened as this latest smack-down really got going. Physical buyers — who goldbugs have for years been expecting to ride to the rescue, finally did. Chinese and Indian gold imports, which had trailed off earlier in the year, soared in response to the recent price declines. There’s some debate about exactly how much these guys are buying, but it certainly looks like they’re talking all that’s being produced by the world’s mines, and then some.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

HSBC charged with defrauding France of €181 billion in taxes

The Swiss arm of HSBC, the 2nd-largest bank in the world, has been charged in France with “illicit financial and banking practices”. The scale of the allegations is simply staggering: Over the years 2006 and 2007 HSBC is accused of helping clients commit tax fraud in France in the amount of 181 billion euros. Investigators said that in 2005 London-based HSBC helped some 100,000 wealthy customers and 20,000 corporations arrange offshore front companies in places like Panama or the British Virgin Islands in order to evade French taxes.
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